New Years Manifestation

much typo
Jan 4, 2022


Unsplash / Giphy

When the spirals pull you into trance
Mind body and spirit are balanced
And time is beyond comprehension
You are free from gravity
Of pressure and burdens of earth

Breath the air in deeply
Letting the oxygen
Fill you completely
From your lips
To the base
Of your spine
Then slowly releasing

As this breath of fire
Nourishes your soul
Strengthening every cell
Manifestation of desires
Becomes effortless for you

Barring water from the depths
Healing all by manifesting
Transcendence of human form
Washing over and cleansing you
Releasing all stress and worry
Focus on this attracting water
Because by nature all is related

Divinely guided into the new year
Empowered by the wind
In this year of twenty twenty two
With earth water fire and air
In the forests protected by the spirit



much typo

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